We believe continuing to learn is important for entrepreneurs and provide many different learning opportunities to help you do just that.  With software changing daily, and new challenges and opportunities cropping up regularly, it's important to keep learning.  

We understand that people prefer to learn in different ways and you might not always have the time to join us at an event. We therefore, offer learning opportunities in various formats such as face to face workshops, live online learning sessions and downloadable resources.

Clients tell us that the topics shown on our learning wheel below are the ones they want to know most about. Please click on each area that you’re interested in to find out more. You’ll find handy worksheets that you can work through on your own or that are a companion to a recent learning session.

Growbiz Learning Wheel - Large - Transpa

At all learning sessions, whether online or face to face, you can expect:

  • A warm welcome

  • To meet other business owners

  • Complete confidentiality

  • An informal, informative discussion

If you have any questions about attending a learning session, please contact us.