It’s a very challenging time for small and micro-businesses in rural Scotland. The impact of the coronavirus is becoming evident for many people and the situation is changing every day. 

We’ve created a new page for the latest information and help available, Coronavirus Support

Or if you would like to speak to someone, get in touch and we’ll arrange for one of our friendly enterprise facilitators to call you.

Setting up, growing or diversifying your business can be a daunting prospect:  there is so much to find out about, so much to do and what about the days you wonder why you thought this would be a good idea?  That's where GrowBiz can help. 

We're here to support you if you want to talk through how to adapt or diversify your current business; if you have recently been made redundant and are looking for help to develop your idea into a business or if you are leaving education and need guidance on getting started. 

These are some of the services we provide, for free to any business or enterprise in rural Scotland.  Click on the circles to find out more about how we can help you.

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One to One Meetings

Arrange a meeting with one of our experienced Enterprise Facilitators to help you figure out the next steps for your business.  


Perhaps you need help with a specific issue such as marketing, technology or book-keeping - we have someone to help.  


All meetings are informal and completely confidential.


Get involved with our award-winning mentoring programme if you would like some help from someone who has 'been there and done that' or if you would like to give something back by volunteering to mentor another business.

Networking Events

Network with other businesses, hear from inspirational speakers and make new contacts at one of our XChange Networking events.

Peer Learning Sessions

Training events to learn from others and develop your own business skills.  Various topics include social media, book-keeping, business planning and more.

Women's Enterprise

Supporting women through networking events and peer support.

Peer Support Meetings

Getting together with others who are 'in the same boat' to share experiences and challenges and learn from each other.