The Yoga Shed, Crieff, Hoping to Reopen with REDS Funding

Rebecca Dearman runs The Yoga Shed in Crieff with her partner, Ronnie. The Yoga Shed is very much a community hub used by a broad range of other micro-businesses to deliver classes and community groups. They are concerned how to reopen and balance the additional cleaning & PPE costs and reduced class numbers against the risk of losing their clients. A REDS grant would enable Rebecca to re-open the The Yoga Shed and keep rates at a price that is viable for her customers to also get back to work, having a positive impact on a cluster of micro-enterprises that rely on this business.

Rebecca says, “If we were to receive a REDS grant it would mean we could re-open The Yoga Shed and offer viable rates to our customers to rent the space, kickstarting business activity for more than 10 other enterprises in our local area.”

We love hearing from businesses across rural Scotland, whether they are doing something exciting, in need of support that we can provide, or anything in between. We would particularly like to hear your stories of how the coronavirus crisis has affected your business and how REDS funding could help. We are featuring such stories on our social media pages. If you would like to share that with us please get in touch.