Supporting Scotland's Rural Enterprises

The Scottish Government’s Economic Action Plan highlights support for Scotland's Rural Businesses

A case study on GrowBiz has been included in a recent update to the Action Plan, which was initially launched in October 2018. The plan summarises the support available in Scotland to rural businesses and micro-enterprises, of which it states “there are a greater proportion in rural Scotland than anywhere else in the country” and the “levels of self-employment are higher”.

According to the plan, over £119 million of enterprise support is being delivered to nearly 1,500 community based and/or micro enterprise projects operating in the rural economy through GrowBiz, LEADER, Highlands and islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise.

GrowBiz alone has supported more than 800 new and existing micro-businesses and social enterprises in rural Perthshire since October 2016 – through a range of 1-1 support, peer learning, networking and mentoring. You can read more about our wide range of services here on our website.

Read more about ‘Supporting Rural Enterprises’ in the government’s Economic Action plan -

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