Scottish Tourism Month 2019

Tourism is everyone's business in Perthshire, both for those of us who live and work here, and for visitors to the area, and March is Scottish Tourism Month.

Jessie Mac's, Dunkeld
Jessie Mac's, Dunkeld

The aim of this is to engage, connect and inspire Scotland’s tourism businesses and organisations, and to celebrate the enormous contribution of the tourism industry to Scotland’s economy.

Perthshire boasts a huge range of attractions and activities for visitors, much of it provided by micro and social enterprises. These inspiring rural businesses and organisations work hard at running their individual enterprises. And by doing so, they are also making a huge contribution to both the local and wider economy. In fact, in a report released by the Scottish Government last year, Scotland's rural economy was shown to contribute more than £36 billion to Scotland's wealth – which certainly brings home the importance of supporting our local, rural businesses.

If you run a business in Perthshire and would like some advice or support please contact us on

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