Paper Boat Cafe aiming to diversify

Alex and Bridget run the Paper Boat, a cafe and venue at Loch Tay. The business has a very positive effect on the local community as they have often teamed up with other local businesses in the area to offer special events like yoga brunches and pizza and paddle-boarding nights.

Paper Boat is a seasonal business and would normally would bring in most of their income during April through to September. Due to the coronavirus lockdown they had to close 1 week before their season kicked off this year and furloughed 1 employee. Alex and Bridget have managed to secure some funding and they have also bought a stock of house plants in the hope that this will help them increase transaction value during a time working at perhaps drastically reduced capacity.

Alex and Bridget would like to diversify still more and become a bike hire centre, which they know would be popular in the local area. The REDS initiative will help us to support people like Alex and Bridget to keep their businesses going and bring benefits to their communities.