Mailchimp - Let's send a newsletter - Online

Friday 31st May 2019, 10am - 11am

Online Learning Session


The aim of this session is for participants to set up and send their first Mailchimp newsletter to each other. By taking part in the session you agree to sharing your email address with other participants so that everyone can send a newsletter to everyone else - if you do not agree then please let us know beforehand.

During the session we will:

  • Manually add an email address

  • Import contacts from a file

  • Create a newsletter

  • Send a test to yourself

  • Send the newsletter to recipients

  • Confirm we got the newsletter

  • Use the newsletter as the starting point for your second newsletter

  • Delete contacts from your mailing list

  • Next steps

If you don't already have one, please set up your own free account with Mailchimp as follows:  

  1. Go to the Mailchimp Create Account page. 

  2. Enter your email

  3. Set a username for your account

  4. Set a password (make sure you can remember it!)

  5. Click get started

  6. Mailchimp will send you a verification email - verify your email address by clicking the Activate Account button in the email

  7. Click the I'm not a Robot button on the page that opens (assuming you are not a robot!)

  8. Enter your name and click continue

  9. Enter your business name or your own name if you don't have a business name

  10. Enter your website address if you have one and click continue

  11. Enter your address and click continue

  12. The next page asks if you have a mailing list - click no and continue (you can import one later after the session)

  13. The next page asks if you want to connect your Social Media accounts - this allows you to share your campaigns - connect if you wish, we won't be covering this 

  14. On the next page click Not Right Now - you can do the Mailchimp marketing path another time

  15. The final page is to join the Mailchimp mailing list so you get hints and tips from them - up to you whether you select it or not

  16. Click Let's Get Started - close the wee window that comes up and that's it, you're ready for the session

Any problems and we can look at them on the session.

The session is being run by Steve Johnson, one of our Enterprise Facilitators who specialises in websites and marketing and runs his own web design company Graphite Web Solutions. Steve loves helping clients make sense of digital marketing and how it can be used to grow their business.