Free HMRC Webinar on Business Expenses for the Self-Employed

Business expenses for the self-employed

Find out what expenses are allowable, including travel, overnight expenses, premises costs and using your home. Discover how simplified expenses can save you time.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 2‌8 M‌ar‌c‌h – 3.3‌0p‌m to 4.3‌0‌p‌m          Book now

You can ask your questions using the on-screen text box, during all of the live webinars. If you haven’t joined a webinar (online presentation) before, this guide will tell you what you need to do. 

You may also like these short videos on HMRC’s YouTube channel, ‘Expenses if you’re self-employed’ and ‘Calculating motoring expenses’

For help at a time that suits you, we have range of online support. You can catch up with these recorded webinars, covering business expenses for the self-employed.

Part 1 – What are allowable business expenses?

Part 2 – Common business expenses

Part 3 – Simplified expenses

Part 4 – Taxable profit

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