Creative Care Workshop - Crieff

Tuesday 14th May 2019, 7pm - 8.30pm

Strathearn Artspace, Comrie Street, Crieff


Creative Care, Crieff Area– How can we help?

As the demand for social care in rural communities increases, more and more people are considering setting themselves up as self-employed to help increase the range of care and support available to those in need.

Some people may have direct experience of providing care and support, where others may have a particular skill or activity, they think may improve the lives of people in the Crieff area.

Some may want to set up a business full time whilst others may be balancing other jobs too. Perhaps a local "hub" of care and wellbeing practitioners could be created to help understand and manage the need in your community?

As a follow up to the previous meeting on 1 April 2019, you will hear from Jackie Brierton, CEO of GrowBiz on options for legal structures that the group can consider and will discuss next steps for the group to create a network of wellbeing service providers within the Crieff area.

The GrowBiz Creative Care Project team, Donna Murray-Trail and Brenda Roddy will also discuss next steps with the group, hear from the group on their plans and advise how GrowBiz can provide support this venture.

Please note that this event is open to anyone with an interest in providing care and wellbeing services in the Crieff area who would like to connect with a network of service providers and be a part of this project.

Please come along if you'd like to get involved and connect with others to discuss how your community might be able to take this forward.

If you require any help finding the venue please contact Brenda Roddy on 07932 193247.