Client News: New Wild Swimming Event

A new one day wild swimming event, which takes place in the wild and beautiful highland landscape of Loch Tay on Saturday 22 May, is hosted by GrowBiz client and transformational coach Liz Gilmour, and Wild Fox Events.

Liz says about the event: “Lockdown has made many people realise that our constant rushing and need to achieve is not serving us in so many ways.

“I’ve learned that to counteract this and to learn to truly thrive in life, we need to surface more of our feminine energies - which is true, regardless of your gender. The feminine energies are about being and connection: connection to ourselves, our feelings and emotions, connection to others and connection to nature.

“In my experience, wild swimming is one of the most powerful natural catalysts of our feminine energy and I believe that this is behind the current swell in popularity of this activity during lockdown. I also believe it goes some way to explain why the majority of wild swimmers are women.”

Lunch is provided and there will be a post swim campfire and hot drinks. The swimming element will be overseen by professional open water swim coach, Colin Campbell who will also be speaking about how to get the most out of open water swimming and how to make it safe. More information and tickets can be found here.