Client News: Karenina Johnson

GrowBiz client, Award-winning artist, tutor and Perthshire Artisan, Karenina Johnson, is successfully crowdfunding for a particular easel to enable her to continue painting and teaching.

Having recently been diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition, which could result in requiring corneal implants, Karenina had to re-think the way she works in order to continue working as an artist and also preserve her eyesight. She is going to go large, working on much bigger and looser paintings, and to do this needs a particular easel, which allows a lot of flexibility to handle the large canvases.

Surprisingly, finding such an easel has proved incredibly difficult, but after extensive research, Karenina discovered the perfect easel — made by a family-owned business in America. With a need to raise at least £3,500, Karenina’s campaign kicked off on 22 March and, incredibly, reached that base target by 25 March!

Karenina now has a stretch target to enable her to also replace her laptop computer with a desktop to make seeing the computer screen (and editing videos) a whole lot easier. You can support the campaign here: