The declared climate emergency and ways to help tackle it will be discussed at this month’s XChange networking event hosted by community-based enterprise support organisation GrowBiz.

A panel of experienced practitioners in the field of environmental issues will talk about ways in which being eco-friendly can benefit your business or enterprise at the event, which takes place on Thursday, November 28, from 6pm to 8.30pm in the Red House Hotel in Coupar Angus.

Attendees at this month’s event will hear from Jane Wilkinson, education and training officer with local development trust Forward Coupar Angus, Brenda Roddy, co-owner of Jessie Mac’s hostel and B&B in Dunkeld - which is a gold accredited member of the Green Tourism Scheme - and Vaso Makri from Circular Tayside who will talk about their work with Zero Waste Scotland identifying circular economy opportunities and how they can help give your business a competitive advantage.

Jane will help de-mystify what some of the terminology means and how it relates to individuals and business owners, while Brenda will provide practical advice on how to have a climate-ready business, including how to minimise the use of resources and prepare for severe weather events.

The circular economy is one where businesses and consumers work together to make things last and get as much value as possible from products and resources which are kept flowing around the economy rather than being disposed of after they have been used.

Jackie Brierton is GrowBiz CEO. She said: “I am delighted to be able to welcome these three inspirational women to speak at our XChange this month.

“Coupar Angus, where GrowBiz is based, has for a number of years now been working on various initiatives to make the town as environmentally-friendly as possible with the cycling hub, the community garden and the High Street Store just three examples of how working together as a community can make a real difference.

“Forward Coupar Angus, with support from the Climate Challenge Fund, is contributing to the Scottish Government's desire to make Scotland carbon neutral and a global leader in preventing the worst effects of the climate emergency, and I am looking forward to hearing more about their efforts.

“Jessie Mac’s in Dunkeld is another shining example of how making a few simple changes to your business model can have a significant positive impact on your business. Brenda and the team at Jessie Mac’s have also won awards for their commitment to environmental management.

“Sustainability is key to their business practice and they have almost halved the amount of energy they use per guest as well as recycling around 90 per cent of waste from the hostel.

“Making the most of opportunities around the circular economy is a great way to get involved in tackling the declared climate emergency and help benefit your business as well and it will interesting to hear more about the Circular Tayside initiative from Vaso.

“I am very much looking forward to hearing from all of our speakers at what promises to be an enlightening and inspiring event.”

Booking for the XChange, which is free to attend, is advised as refreshments are provided. For further information or to book, please see the website at