Are you prepared for Brexit?

Perth & Kinross Council have the following advice:

The UK’s exit from the EU will result in changes to not only how you do business in Europe, but changes affecting your responsibilities as an employer if you employ EU nationals. You may also need to consider managing your supply chains differently and what impact this will have on your business.

Preparing for these changes is about developing a flexible planning approach so that you can adapt and be resilient across a range of potential Brexit outcomes.

There are a number of steps which you should follow which we have highlighted below; 

Start Planning Now

There is a free self-assessment tool and downloadable report available as a general guide on things to consider to prepare your business for Brexit. This should only take you around 6 minutes to complete. You will then be directed to resources, advice, events and services to help you develop your plans, but professional advice should always be sought.Prepare for Brexit Self- Assessment Tool

Essential Actions - What you need to do?

The advice on prepare for Brexit is to plan for a no-deal Brexit. 

To help mitigate the risks there are certain actions businesses need to take well before the Brexit deadline of 29 March. To find out what these risks are and how to avoid disruption to your business operations take action now.

Find out how to take essential action now

Workforce Planning

Existing employees who are EU nationals will need to apply for settled status. It is important to plan for cut-off dates and any differential status that might apply to new arrivals to the UK.

Businesses might need to consider how they will track the nationality status of employees and ensure immigration compliance. Businesses that have historically been reliant on EU workers might wish to investigate measures they could take to boost staff retention and motivation. Find out what steps you need to take to help your workforce

Supply Chain 

Have you considered how Brexit will impact your supply chain? 

Businesses operating within the UK are still faced with the unknown when it comes to managing their supply chains. As a member of the EU, trade between the UK and the continent has been relatively simple: free movement has enabled EU-based supply chains to operate without tariffs, bottlenecks or delays at the border to consider – but in six months that will change.

Find out what the impact will be to your business

Do you Need an EORI number?

Your UK business may need a UK EORI number if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. You do not need a new EORI number if you already have one that starts with GB.

Find out more about a UK EORI number

Financial Support

Financial support and advice is available to help small to medium enterprises in Scotland prepare for Brexit.

The Brexit Support Grant will provide up to £4,000 to help you manage a wide range of Brexit impacts.

Find out if you're eligible for the Brexit Support Grant

The above information has been provided through the Prepare for Brexit website. If you have any questions or queries please call 0300 303 0661 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm) or contact

For more local support please contact your local Business Gateway.

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