12 Sustainability Tips for Work and Home

As part of its commitment to sustainability, GrowBiz sends out weekly tips in its regular newsletter to help all of us make eco-friendly adjustments. So for Earth Day 2021 we’ve complied all of them so far into one article for you.

While bigger change is needed, it’s important not to forget that the small adjustments we can make each day can have an impact, and doing so also brings the issues of looking after our planet to the forefront of our minds, leading to ever-increasing awareness and actions. We hope these tips can help you on your way towards a more sustainable home and work life:

  1. Are your working hours fuelled by caffeine? Save energy by only filling the kettle with the amount of water that you need each time you make you make a brew.

  2. Is this the year to remodel your office, shop or studio? Save money and waste by upcycling old furniture rather than buying new — either your own or second-hand pieces. If you’re unsure how to go about it yourself you can ask a local professional to do it for you.

  3. Try to think proactively about including sustainability in your business model — maybe you could offer product refills to returning customers, commit to planting a tree for every sales milestone, offer environmentally-friendly free gifts, or reward clients with a small discount for climate-conscious actions, like bringing a reusable cup when buying a coffee.

  4. If you’re currently working from home, growing your own food has both environmental and mental health benefits. Even having a few pots of fresh herbs on the windowsill will mean you don’t have to buy the plastic-packaged versions from the supermarkets, and you’ll also have some greenery to enjoy as a break from the computer screen.

  5. As the weather permits, consider alternative methods of transport to driving the car, especially walking or cycling when distance allows. Not only is this good for the environment, it's good for you too!

  6. Save energy by turning computers and other devices completely off when not in use, rather than leaving them on standby mode. If you work from home, turning the computer off at the end of the day is a good way to get your brain to switch off too!

  7. If you ship out products or materials, consider getting yourself a paper shredder and reusing your scrap paper as packing materials. Or, if you don't generate much scrap paper, try to source recycled packaging. This will ensure that all paper gets at least two uses.

  8. As the weather starts to warm up after winter, don’t forget to adjust your heating levels at home and at work, saving on both energy and heating costs.

  9. Make eco-conscious choices when buying stationery and other office equipment, such as recycled paper and refillable pens. You can even buy bamboo push pins these days!

  10. We are used to organising our kitchen waste for recycling — but don’t forget about your office rubbish. Make sure you have one bin specifically for waste-paper and other recyclables, and discard other litter elsewhere.

  11. If you're thinking of updating your computer, did you know that laptops generally use less energy than desktops, so are a more sustainable choice? And of course, be sure to recycle or donate your old device!

  12. To save on paper, consider sending out digital versions of invoices and other documents. You could even add to your email signature a polite request that the recipient doesn't print what you've sent them unless absolutely necessary.