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You can have the best business in the world, but if you don’t market it then it will fail. It’s an inescapable fact that people need to know what you’re offering before they can purchase it, whether that’s a product or a service. 


There’s lots of different ways you can market your business, both free and paid for. You will likely have to do a mixture of both. One of the best ways is by utilising the vast audiences on social media platforms, so many of our learning sessions focus on how to do this effectively.


To market the business you will also have to create content for your potential clients. A website, blog and/or mailing list are all ways to capture your desired audience and convert them into loyal customers. GrowBiz Enterprise Facilitators can direct you to the tools you need to set these up. 


Networking is also a great way to market your business and the monthly XChange Networking event and Women’s Enterprise Network event, also monthly, provide excellent opportunities to meet and collaborate with like-minded business owners. 


Don’t forget marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers and press releases. The latter in particular is an important marketing tool that’s often under-used. If you’re not sure how to craft a press release then we have a great template on our Marketing Resources page.