Social Media

This month, the focus is on using social media.  For one month, choose one platform to focus on, then choose the challenge that will help you GrowOnline.

Challenge A

If you're just getting started on that platform, spend time getting your account set up and your profile looking the way you want it.

If you need help, contact us or post in the Facebook Group.

When you're set up, post the link in the Facebook Group for feedback.

Challenge B

If you're already on the platform you've chosen, spend time this month increasing your visibility by posting more often.


If you currently post once a week, aim for twice a week.  If you currently post once a day, go for twice a day.


Let us know in the Facebook Group if you need help with ideas for what to post. 


Challenge C

If you're already posting consistently, spend time this month focusing on getting engagement.

Set aside some time every day to be present on your chosen platform.  Answer other people's questions and posts.  Comment, like, share, retweet other posts that your audience would find useful.

Check your notifications and reply to everyone who has commented on your posts.

No matter which challenge you choose, let us know in the Facebook Group.  Post your commitment to keep yourself accountable.  Post any questions you have or share your ideas and experiences.  


Also, remember to book your place at our next live online discussion to talk through what worked and what didn't and find out what's coming next.