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If you’re concerned about the environment (and most of us are) then likely you want to set up your business to be as eco-friendly as possible. This often involves higher costs in some areas, but it can help reduce them in others. It’s also good to be aware of the fact that a business seen as environmental unfriendly may receive some negative reactions. So being as green as possible not only makes sense for our planet, but for the messaging around our business and brand. 


Utilising digital tools is a good way to avoid the unnecessary use of paper and other disposable materials, so it’s good to learn what kind of online platforms are available—for instance, could you publish a digital catalogue rather than a plastic-covered paper copy? It would probably be less expensive as well as helping the planet! Many of our learning sessions centre around what digital solutions exist and how best to use them and our Resources page can help too.


Collaboration is also an excellent way to share resources and promote a circular economy, so coming along to our networking events can create extra opportunities to work along with other business owners.